We at Custom Lawn Care pride ourselves on providing the best possible lawn care for our customers. As a customer, you will receive 7 liquid lawn applications and/or 4 tree and shrub applications per year. If you experience any problems between applications, we will be happy to retreat your lawn within 3 days.
*Additional Services Available*


We apply a combination of liquid and granular fertilizer depending on the season, weather conditions, and the type of turf.

Weed and Insect Control

We utilize both pre and post-emergent herbicides to achieve our goal of a weed-free lawn for our customers.

Disease Cure and Prevention

During the hot, humid summer months turf disease can become an issue.  If necessary we include a fungicide at no additional cost.


Granular lime will be applied at the end of the year to adjust the ph of the soil.

Core Aeration*

For fescue lawns we core aerate in the fall and then overseed.  Bermuda lawns can be aerated in the spring to encourage growth.

Tree and Shrub Care*

A 4 step program of fertilizer, insect, and disease control to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and looking their best.

Mosquito Control*

To greatly reduce the mosquito population around your property insecticide can be sprayed on the foliage.  These treatments are priced per application and can be repeated as needed.


Custom Lawn Care is a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in serving the greater Atlanta area since 1983.






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Carol B. Gwinnett County

We have been clients of Custom Lawn Care for 23 years.  It is a pleasure to do business with a company that treats you like family.  I appreciate the personal interest and care that John takes in my lawn and shrubs.  My lawn is beautiful.

Ann H. Walton County

Thanks to Custom Lawn Care my yard is awarded “yard of the month” at least once every season.  We added the mosquito treatments this year and they have allowed us to enjoy our patio all summer long.

Thomas D. Oconee County

Last fall we hired Custom Lawn Care to aerate and seed our fescue lawn.  By early Spring it looked great so we had them begin their spray program.  Haven’t regretted the decision.  Our lawn looks better than ever!


Please read our FAQ section before contacting us. Your question(s) might be answered below. If they are not then please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

How often should I water my lawn?

On average one inch per week. During the cool months, one good soaking per week. When temperatures exceed 85º or during drought conditions twice per week is beneficial.

It varies depending on the application. Some should be watered within 72 hours or before mowing whereas some require no water. Watering and mowing instructions are always left when an application is made.

Under most conditions, Bermuda and Zoysia should be maintained at 1 to 2 inches. Fescue should be maintained at 2½ to 3 inches.

With weekly mowing, no bagging is needed. However, if excessive rainfall or irregular mowing habits cause excessive height, then it should be bagged. Mulching helps return both organic and fertilizer nutrients to the soil.

Call the office if a problem or question arises. We can help by phone or a return trip at no charge if needed.

The ideal time is September. This allows the roots to develop before the arrival of hot summer weather the following year.

It is a combination of both. Liquid applications are made in the cooler times of the year. Granular applications are made during the hotter summer months.

Gradually raise the mowing height to 3 inches. This insulates the roots during the winter months and helps reduce winter damage.

The best time is late fall/early winter.  Lime needs 2 to 3 months to break down. If applied in late fall/early winter, the lime will be available for spring growth.

The irregular ground level is smoothed by sand or top soil. Small areas can be done by shovel and rake. Overall lawn areas should be handled by professional equipment.


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